5 streamers who have returned to Twitch from other platforms

In recent years, streaming has become a huge business and Twitch streamers have been paid large sums of money to switch platforms. Exclusivity deals can be very lucrative, especially if they ask the streamer to switch platforms.

However, some streamers have returned to Twitch after the platform switch, either because the exclusive deal has expired or for other reasons. Others have had issues with Twitch in the past, causing them to switch platforms before finally returning to the purple platform.

This list includes 5 streamers who have returned to Twitch after moving to other platforms.

5 streamers who have returned to Twitch from other platforms

1) Corinna head

Instagram model Corinna Kopf has a history with the platform. She left Twitch in 2019 following a ban for inappropriate clothing worn on her stream and signed an exclusivity deal with Facebook Gaming.

While the deal she got was lucrative, she returned to Twitch after it expired. However, she recently received another ban from Twitch, again invoking the platform’s dress code guidelines. While she’s currently still on Twitch, her second stint may not be a smooth ride.

2) Disguised toast

Holy frick, Disguised Toast called Twitch and said they offered him 1/30th of what other platforms were doing in 2019 and allegedly Twitch told his agent they “already had fakers” as Asian representation at that point.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” was one of the biggest names on Twitch before leaving in late 2019 to sign an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming. Toast opened up about why he left Twitch, saying the company tried to make him a low-ball offer.

He remained exclusive to Facebook Gaming for two years before returning to Twitch in a deal he described as “junk.” He has been a vocal critic of Twitch’s Terms of Service and also mentioned that he returned to the platform because of the following he had on Twitch.

3) Ewok

idk what can I say… absolutely crazy stream! Thanks for all your love and support! 🥰

Ewok is a Fortnite pro who rose to prominence after being hosted on TimTheTatMan’s stream. At the age of 14, the streamer signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer.

Mixer closed its doors in 2020 and Ewok returned to the platform along with a host of former Twitch streamers.

4) Ninjas

Tyler “Ninja” caused a stir across the streaming industry when he announced he was signing a $50 million deal to stream exclusively on Mixer. Ninja was the biggest streamer in the world at the time, so news of his move came as a shock to fans and a blow to Twitch.

Unfortunately, Mixer’s business model hasn’t proven effective. When the streaming platform shut down in 2020, they gave Ninja a $30 million payout.

Ninja streamed on YouTube for a short time before finalizing a new exclusivity deal that would bring him back to Twitch where he now streams League of Legends, Final Fantasy XI and his signature game Fortnite.

5) Shroud

Perhaps the second biggest name to sign an exclusive deal with Mixer, Michael “Shroud” was on the Microsoft platform for just 9 months before it shut down. Although his deal wasn’t as big as Ninja’s, he received a $10 million payout.

The retired Counter-Strike pro returned to Twitch shortly after Mixer closed and signed a new exclusive deal.

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