5 Haircuts for Square Face Shapes, According to Celebrity Hairstylists

Should someone someday teach me the shape of my face and what to do with it in terms of haircut? Because let me tell you, I either slept through this lesson (which is likely) or it didn’t happen at all. If you’re nodding your head and thinking “same girl, same” and are in search of the best haircuts for square faces, I took it upon myself to do the heavy lifting and turn to a few stylists for theirs Expert opinions and advice for all square-faced (and round-faced) gals.

Forget scrolling the web, comparing your face shape to someone else’s, trying to choose the haircut that suits you best. Read on to learn more about haircuts for square faces from the best of the best (aka celebrity hairstylists) so you’ll know what to ask for the next time your butt is in the salon chair.

1. Long bobs

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“Long bobs are great on a square face, especially when they’re soft and layered,” said Andrew Fitzsimons, a famous stylist for A-listers like Bella Hadid, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Megan Fox — just to name a few name a few symbols. He added that this style does a great job of highlighting the features of a square face.

If you decide to ask your stylist for a bob, make sure you specify that you want it to be a long bob. If it’s too short or cut right on the chin, it looks too edgy, according to Annagjid “Kee” Taylor, a hairstylist who’s styled celebrities like KeKe Palmer, Erica Campbell, and Tika Sumpter.

2. Long shag cuts

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Are you interested in a longer cut with some movement instead? A long shag haircut suits you best. According to Gina Rivera, a famous hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, it’s one of the best haircuts for square faces, especially when some texture is added. She explained that “slightly longer hair tends to elongate the face, while texture and layers help soften facial features.”

3. Side swept bangs

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Rivera and Fitzsimons agreed that side-swept bangs are the best option for those with square faces. Due to the length and line of the bang, they accentuate your most flattering features by shortening the length of your forehead and softening your angles. The best part? Side-swept bangs are low-maintenance (which we love) and aren’t awkward once they start growing out.

4. Curly Pixie Cut

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OK, curly hair girl, listen up! Rivera recommended a curly pixie as a great way to add volume at the crown of your head. Not only is this style as bold and badass as it is soft and feminine, but it will balance your features and add length to your face. We love a curly pixie cut when layered because the natural texture of the strands creates a tousled effect and adds playfulness to the look.

5. Long layered cut

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Long layers are a fan favorite on most face shapes, but they work particularly well on those with square face shapes. Kee noted that this is because long layers “help soften and add dimension to a square, angular face,” but one thing to remember about layers is that you have to keep up with them. Regardless of the length of your hair, Fitzsimons encouraged scheduled haircuts to “maintain shape and keep the look balanced to suit your face shape.”

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