13 Ugly Celebs Who Made It Big

So that we understand each other; No one has the right to judge another’s physical appearance or appearance. In Hollywood, however, looks matter to directors, producers, and studios. Hollywood has high expectations and judges a celebrity’s performance harshly. By Hollywood’s definition, there are some ugly celebrities in the game. Of course, these supposedly ugly celebs just don’t live up to traditional Hollywood standards.

At the same time, some celebs get the label for being awkward-looking kids, taking a bad photo, or botching an operation. In fact, these actors, singers and actresses became world famous despite being labeled as ugly celebrities.

13 Ugly Celebs Who Made It Big

1. Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

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Kathy Griffin is a world famous comedian and actress. She’s had quite a career but didn’t get any of it because of her looks. In fact, Griffin doesn’t live up to Hollywood’s superficial expectations. Still, she’s had a great career and doesn’t let phrases like “ugly celebrity” get her down.

2.Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson is one of the most controversial celebrities of all time. Often referred to as the “King of Pop”, he is one of the greatest singers. Of course, Jackson also has another side. He had a series of surgeries that drastically changed his appearance. The media suddenly thought he was one of the ugliest celebrities.

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is one of those celebs who went from silly kid to gorgeous superstar. Cyrus was an ordinary kid who happened to have a famous father. She overcame a lot of bullying because of her physical appearance. Of course, she’s now one of the most stunning celebs out there and a record-breaking singer herself.

4.George Clooney

George, Clooney attends the 'Money Monster' photocall during the 69th

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George Clooney is considered one of the best looking actors to walk the streets of Los Angeles. However, that wasn’t always the case for Clooney. As a child he was an awkward looking boy with a bowl haircut and large glasses. It’s a far cry from the charming heartthrob he’s become.

5.Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift leads and turns on the Christmas lights

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Taylor Swift’s stunning beauty turns heads as she walks the red carpet. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful living persons. However, she wasn’t the gorgeous country singer in her younger days. Of course, she was still growing up and finding herself. Eventually, she grew up to be one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

6. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

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The gorgeous Bella Hadid is an adorable model and famous celebrity. She is a member of the famous Hadid family and is the sister of Gigi Hadid. Growing up, Bella felt like the ‘ugly sister’ next to Gigi. She is often unfairly compared to her sister. Of course, Bella is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful models in history.

7.Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman’s stunning beauty stops traffic every time she leaves her house. In her younger days, however, she didn’t stop traffic. She was a normal child who hadn’t grown into her looks. She eventually became one of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

8.Britney Spears

Britney Spears

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Pop icon Britney Spears went from being a spirited schoolgirl singer to shaving off all her hair. For years, Spears struggled with her mental health while the media followed her every step. During this time, her appearance changed drastically several times. The media even mistook her for an ugly celebrity, but she quickly proved them wrong.

9. Tom Cruise

Tom cruise

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Tom Cruise is a household name and a legendary actor. He has had relationships with many beautiful celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Still, he’s not a typical lead actor. Cruise, in particular, is known for being relatively short. He’s about 5ft 7 tall and slightly shorter than most leading men like Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling. However, Cruise doesn’t let height requirements interfere with his life.

10. Amber heard

belongs to amber

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The Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial made headlines from day one. People watched the process closely and followed every little detail. Especially Heard’s “ugly faces.” Heard is an adorable celebrity who’s at the top of everyone’s list. However, it was an emotional ordeal that made her cry on a daily basis. Throughout the process, TikTok users often mocked Heard’s “ugly faces” with a series of videos. It quickly became a trending topic.

11.Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi

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Steve Buscemi is not your typical Hollywood hunk. He’s a critically acclaimed actor who can play an insane villain or a goofy sidekick. While not conventionally handsome, Buscemi’s unique looks and charisma steal the show every time he appears on screen. He defied Hollywood logic to become a major actor with roles The big Lebowski, the sopranos, and Boardwalk Empire.

12.Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is a fashion icon and trendsetter who constantly sets social media on fire. However, for years Keeping up with the Kardashians Fans have berated Kim for her “ugly screaming face.” It probably doesn’t help that she cried a lot during the show. To be fair, few people look attractive while crying.

13. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

Rock legend Iggy Pop let nothing stand in his way to stardom. It didn’t even bother him when fans voted him one of the ugliest celebrities. He is known for his wild, out of control stage persona and unique look. In 2010, a UK poll voted Iggy has the “worst face”. Of course he doesn’t care what others think of him. His skills and talents speak for themselves.

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